The History


The history of KT Cyclone started from Mr Choo Kim Teik who founded Kim Teik Bicycle Shop in the early 1960s. Mr Choo Kim Teik is the father of Mr Maverick Choo. Being the youngest son in the family, Maverick Choo spent most of his childhood in the bicycle shop together with his father and his siblings. After completing his studies, Maverick Choo helped out at his father’s business until 2003 when he decided to register his own business known as KT Cycletron Trading, a sole-proprietor based in Parit Buntar. As the business flourished over the years, the business was converted to KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd in 2011 located in Bukit Mertajam, which is in operation until the present.

Mr. Choo Kim Teik founded Kim Teik bicycle shop without any business plan, other than the sole purpose of providing bread and butter for his family.

The eldest son of Mr. Choo Kim Teik, Mr. Robert Choo and his younger brother Maverick Choo spent their youth in the humble bicycle shop and had no idea where they were heading in terms of their future. After all, they were having too much fun helping their father in the bicycle shop to think about anything else.

However, as they grew up and equipped with years of hands-on knowledge in all things bicycle, these two ambitious young boys felt that they could do more for themselves, their family and the bicycle industry.

In 2003, life was never the same again for Robert and Maverick. With their dreams firmly in their heads, the brothers left their hometown and headed to Butterworth to start KTCycletron. Instead of opening another ordinary bicycle shop. Maverick and his brother foresaw that the bicycle industry in Malaysia was evolving. Maverick says that cycling is no longer just a mode of transportation; it is also becoming a lifestyle and fitness “vehicle”. Cyclists are now more discerning. They demand a bicycle that fits their physical build, gives them the joy while riding, and at the same time makes them look good. Cycling also carries the message of an environment conscious person.

KTCycletron opened its doors in Butterworth retailing middle to high end bicycles. After just 3 years, KTCycletron secured dealerships for Cannondale and a few other brands. With an eye towards the future, Maverick realized that more was needed to bring KTCycletron to another level. Maverick secured distributorships from ore international brands; effectively shifting its business model from retailing to distribution and expanded its business from Butterworth to other states in the country. Subsequently, Maverick renamed his company to KTCyclone Sdn Bhd.

Today, KTCyclone is one of Malaysia’s largest bicycle distributors from the northern region. KTCyclone is now the distributor for more than 15 international brands that includes bicycles, spare parts and accessories. Walking into KTCyclone’s new retail showroom and warehouse in Bukit Mertajam, cyclists will be overwhelmed with the goods on display, including Kuota, Ibis, Corsair, Fox, KCNC, FSA, Echowell, Ashima, Reynolds, Crank Brothers, Cannondale, Shimano, Stram, Rocksox, Maxxis, Oakley, MVR Racing and more. All products distributed by KTCyclone are now available in major bicycle shops throughout the country.