Currexsole Insole


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Currexsole Insole

1.) Optimized heel cup
For a better fit inside the shoe. 

2.) Triple layers for optimum moisture wicking
Fewer blisters thanks to the specially developed mid-layer. 
3.) 3D DAT for natural foot guidance
Dynamic arch technology made from silver Nylon 6 composite. 
4.) Medium Rebound PORON cushion
outstanding performance cushioning during push off. 
5.) Medium Rebound PORON cushion
Outstanding performance cushioning during initial contact.

Our ACTIVEPRO sport insoles give you maximum support and unparalleled stability. Wear them once − and you’ll never want to be without them.

Also great for wearing casually in your trainers ACTIVEPRO multi sport insoles are also the best choice for men’s dress shoes and dance shoes, or casual shoes that lace up or have a removable insole. 

The ACTIVEPRO is narrower than the RUNPRO and lightweight.
Reasons why you should use Currex insoles: 
✔Currex insoles are the only insoles designed solely for sport. 
✔Currex insoles are available in three models: Low, Medium and High arch profile. 
✔Currex insoles have a patented arch support system to match your particular foot type. 
✔Currex insoles give you the least forces under your foot. 
✔Currex insoles are the lightest sport specific insoles on the market. 
✔Currex insoles enhance the features of your sports shoes. 
✔Currex insoles improve the comfort of your sports shoes and give them the WOW factor. 
✔Currex insoles are zero drop. 
✔Currex insoles improve the function of your body’s own shock absorption system. 
✔Currex insoles reduce moisture and odors. 
✔Currex insoles are easy to fit – simply TRIM TO FIT.

Stability Heel Cup ,Design Arch Support Less Fatigue and Shock Absorb 

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions32 × 8 × 5 cm

Low, Medium, High


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

sport type

ActivePro, BikePro, EdgePro, RunPro


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